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Grow. Learn. Lead.

Co-Ed Adventist Christian School


Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and Grades 1 – 8

Founded in 1898

Vista Ridge Academy is a private, traditional Adventist Christian school that draws on the historic roots of Adventist education from growth and stability as it expands to meet current educational challenges. Vista Ridge Academy seeks to help students grow both physically and spiritually, learn academic material, biblical truths, and lead in society as well as the church. In an effort to encourage the whole student to grow, the STEM subjects play an integral part–but they are just a part of the skill set students will need to succeed. The benefits of the arts to a well-rounded mind have been acknowledged since antiquity and go hand-in-hand with math and science to increase understanding of they way the world works and to communicate ideas and innovations effectively and creatively.

At Vista Ridge Academy, the educational program incorporates, science, math, technology, history, music, language arts, visual arts, physical education, Bible class, and even recess. While other educational philosophies see limited focus as the key to advancing a student’s understanding, Vista Ridge Academy sees broader experience, increased context, and diverse topics of study as keys to increased understanding–as well as to a richer, fuller life.


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