Our primary goal is to use our core values to personalize and enrich each student within our educational model and culture – whether around a table, in a laboratory, or in the mountains. We seek to move towards a model of experiential learning, truly engaging students in every class, ensuring that they can comprehend and retain the knowledge shared, and, most importantly, that they can transfer that knowledge on call.

As we continue providing a safe academic environment, teachers are exploring ways to be consistent and standardized. Standardization of school and classroom expectations supports the student by providing clear instructions. When expectations are clear, students never have to guess how they are expected to behave.

  1. We will focus on a specific core value each month in our Monday morning meetings, Friday chapels, and in individual classrooms.
  2. We will identify and applaud examples of core values as demonstrated by our students.
  3. We will be deliberate in outlining expectations for our classes—voice levels, participation, assignments.
  4. We will provide for individual student needs and accommodations as we implement our expectations.
  5. We will commit to modeling our core values in staff to staff, staff to student, and staff to parent relationships.