Annual Nest of Funds

Annual Giving Provides Essential Support

At Vista Ridge Academy we rely on annual giving to help bridge the gap between revenue and the total cost of educating every child. This year, we ask our families, alumni, teachers, staff, and friends of the school to show their support for Vista Ridge Academy and its mission by making a tax-deductible donation to the Annual Nest of Funds. The funds raised directly and immediately support teaching and learning at VRA in alignment with the strategic framework born out of a community-wide effort and outlined by the board and school administration.

What is the Annual Nest of Funds?

The Annual Nest of Funds (ANF) is our school’s approach to annual giving. Gifts made to ANF provide essential support, beyond that of tuition dollars, to fulfill the highest aspirations for all of our students. ANF gifts allow members of the Vista Ridge Academy community the opportunity to match their personal giving preferences to Vista Ridge Academy’s needs. We appreciate and honor your gifts and are committed to making these gifts visible and tangible throughout our campus. These funds represent the most important areas to which donors may direct their gifts.

When you make a gift to “Greatest Need” you are allowing Vista Ridge Academy to direct your donation to the annual nest of fund projects as needed. The Greatest Need fund goal is $10,000.
*Additional funds raised beyond the Annual Nest of Funds goal will go towards Vista Ridge Academy operations.

We know the investment in an Adventist Christian education can be financially challenging for many families. We are committed to providing these families assistance to attend Vista Ridge Academy. This project goal is $90,000 (applied to 2024-2025 tuition).

*Additional funds raised beyond this year’s goal will remain in the Student Financial Aid fund to be used for future years.

Fueling Future Innovators: Support Vista Ridge Academy Robotics Program

Our Vista Ridge Academy robotics program is a hub of creativity, critical thinking, and teamwork. However, to continue nurturing the next generation of innovators, we need your help.

We are excited to introduce you to our mission: growing confident minds, strong bodies, and loving spirits through a Christ-centered environment that nurtures students’ unique talents as learners and leaders.

The Vision:
Imagine a world where young students are not just passive consumers of technology but active creators and problem-solvers. Our robotics program’s vision is to equip students with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in the 21st century.

The Challenge:
Despite our passion and dedication, funding remains a significant challenge for us. We aim to provide the best possible learning experience for our students, but the costs of teacher and student learning materials are substantial. These materials include robotics kits, technology (iPads or Microsoft Surface Pros), teacher guides, and more. Our current resources are stretched thin, and we are at risk of limiting access to this transformative education.

Why Robotics Education Matters:
1. STEM Skills: Robotics education instills essential STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) skills in our students. These skills are highly sought after in today’s job market.

2. Critical Thinking: It encourages critical thinking and problem-solving, fostering an analytical mindset that is invaluable throughout life.

3. Teamwork: Students learn the value of teamwork, communication, and collaboration as they work together to design and build robots, produce videos, and share what they have learned by presenting their work to an audience.

4. Innovation: It ignites the spark of innovation, inspiring students to think outside the box and develop creative solutions.

How You Can Help:
Your generous contribution can make a world of difference in our students’ lives. Here’s how your donation will be used:

1. Robotics Kits: We need to purchase robotics kits to ensure students have access to the latest technology and learning tools for this new program.

2. Teacher Training & Resources: Our educators require ongoing training to provide the best guidance to our students. Your support will help cover the costs of professional development/hands-on training and educator guidebook with standards-aligned lesson plans.

3. Student Materials: Sphero BOLT Power Class Pack, Sphero Indi Robotics Class Pack, Ozobot Class Set, 8-10 refurbished iPads/Microsoft Surface Pros, and classroom supplies are essential for a well-rounded robotics program.

Our Impact:
By contributing to our campaign, you’re not just helping us buy materials; you’re investing in the future. You’re helping children discover their passion for technology, science, and engineering. You’re nurturing the innovators, problem solvers, and leaders of tomorrow.

Join Us in Shaping the Future:
Be a part of this inspiring journey towards nurturing young minds and creating a brighter future. Your support, no matter the amount, brings us one step closer to our goal. Please donate, share our campaign, and help us spread the word.

Thank you for considering our cause. Together, we can make a profound impact on the lives of these aspiring engineers, scientists, and inventors. Together, we can fuel the future of innovation!

This project is $12,000.

*Additional funds raised beyond the Academics goal will go towards VRA’s Greatest Need.

Secure a brighter future! Support our private elementary school safety fund. Your contribution ensures a safe learning environment for every child. Together, we build a shield for their education.

Here’s projects that can help keep a safe learning environment for our students.

1. Reinforce front entrance with a lock system for the second set of doors.
2. Add protective film to select windows and doors.
3. Update visitor management system.

This is a $5,000 project.

**Additional funds raised beyond the Transportation goal will go towards VRA’s Greatest Need.

How and when do I give?

  • Give online by clicking your fund of choice.
  • Mail a check, payable to Vista Ridge Academy, to 3100 Ridge View Dr, Erie, CO 80516.